How to Select the Perfect Cutting Mat; the Ultimate Guide


While purchasing a sewing cutting mat, you’d be surprised to know that was characters you should consider. Investing in a good quality sewing cutting mat is essential if you want to keep your project cutting comfortable and easy while preserving your rotary cutter’s sharpness.

And the truth is that many inexpensive options do not sacrifice quality or durability. To protect the surface you will get all information here regarding how to find the perfect cutting mat.

How to Find the Perfect Cutting Mat?

You can find the good quality of cutting mats from our Best plotter mat Buyer’s Guide. There is no such thing as a good or wrong product; there is difference in person to person demands.

Here is all information about selecting the right product for you;

· Structure

The structure of the self healing mat is the next important consideration. This includes both the quality and the material of mat. Keep in mind that a mat’s thickness does not determine its quality. When purchasing a cutting mat, consider the material it is made of not thickness.

· Size

The cutting mat is available in a variety of sizes. Before deciding on the size consider the size of your project and the amount of space you have. When choosing the mat size, think about your maximum working area range rather than buying the small size that might cause problems later on.

· Large v/s Small

Is a large or small cutting mat preferable? It is dependent on the project and your requirements. Many quilters have a collection of large and small cutting rugs that they rotate through.

If you’re just getting started with quilting mats, an 18″ x 24″ size is an excellent place to start. This size is suitable for most projects and accommodates a standard folding width of 45″ fabric.

· Types and Choice in Cutting Mats

Based on the features and pressure absorbing capacities, usually, the cutting mats are defined by two classes; plastic and self-healing.

The plastic mat is manufactured with high-quality, high-density plastics durable enough to resist any cutting and slicing. These mats are available in different bright colors, shapes, and sizes and are cheaper than self-healing.

As the name indicates, self-healing mats can heal themselves for cuts and breaks. These mates are made from thick multilayered material like has the property of starching and covering the cuts like rubber. These mats didn’t show any cuts on the surface and usually lasted longer than plastic mats.

You can choose one of them according to your project demands and things you want to use in it.

Where to Buy?

There are many online and local retailers selling cutting mats but if you want to search the best and appropriate mat for your project, visit alibaba, the best online retailers having a variety of cutting mats.


With the best self-healing cutting mat, you can protect your work surface from damage and keep your knife from becoming blunt. A self-healing cutting mat can serve several functions. You can select any of the products mentioned in this post if you want a dependable self-healing cutting mat.


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