Ginger Wig: Explore The World Of Color Hairs


Fashion has proven time and time again that it is ever changing. Fashion may be a broader term to describe wigs, but all aspects of fashion have experienced remarkable changes from what was considered popular. One of the new waves in town, as far as hair goes, is the ginger wig.

Ginger colored hairs are not entirely alien or man-made wig color as about one to two percent of the world’s population have natural ginger hair (red hair). Like with all other colors of hair, ginger hair comes in different shades. It starts from bright copper, through burnt orange, all the way to strawberry blonde.

Choosing a ginger wig

There’s no doubt that ginger wigs are beautiful, but it can be difficult sometimes to want to try out a color that puts you out there. The truth is, you’re probably going to rock the ginger wig far more than you think you would. To help nudge you forwards, here are some tips and factors to consider before choosing a ginger wig.

What’s your complexion?

Ideally, ginger wigs go best with skins with a lighter complexion. A lighter skin tone helps complement the bright ginger color of the wig. However, since there are different shades of ginger wigs, you have a wide range of options to choose from. If you’re uncertain about your complexion, you can start with a light shade of ginger wigs.

The only way to know if it’ll suit you is to try it on. If the shade is too light, try on more options until you find what’s best for you. You can ask friends and hairstylists for their opinions if you’re still undecided.

Face shape and size

Face shape and sizes play an important role in wearing wigs generally, so let’s not just make it a ginger wig thing. The color of a ginger wig makes you stand out already in the crowd, so it’s best you have a wig that’s perfect for your face.

If you have a large face, wide face, you may want to settle for an average density ginger wig. There’s really no need to go extra on density so the wig doesn’t make your head disproportionate from the rest of your body. Conversely, a smaller and long face can opt for a fuller ginger wig density. While this is just a guide, it’s best to not only stand in front of a mirror to assess it, but ask for an unbiased opinion from someone closeby.

Ginger wig styles

As with all hair colors, ginger wigs come in different styles, twists, length, waves, etc. Hair styles are all about personal preference and what is needed at that particular time. The good news is that if you’re considering going with ginger wigs, you can’t be limited by styles. With their recent growing popularity, hair manufacturers have been kind enough to incorporate different styles in ginger wigs.


If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your hair style, you can consider going with ginger wigs. Ginger wigs have become very popular in recent times, especially with pop stars and female rappers going big with them. Most people long to try them out but are too worried they might not suit them. Once you get the skin complexion, face size, and wig style sorted out, you’re ready to rock you new ginger wig hairstyle.


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