Everything to Know Before Buying and Collecting Chinese Firecrackers


Firecrackers are charming to everyone regardless of their age and interests. The splendid color splattering across the sky makes you gasp even after a tiresome day. Firecrackers are common in all kinds of celebrations. Whether it’s a national event or a small in-house party, they are a party must-have.

However, there is one more kind, known as the chinese firecrackers. At first look, they sound exciting, which they are, no doubt. But it’s best to understand both sides of the story.

Kinds of Chinese Firecrackers

Chinese firecrackers started in the late 19th century. Today you can buy a firecracker set for a couple of cents, but the original pieces are worth thousands of dollars. Chinese firecrackers fall into seven different classes. However, many users don’t care about their classes. But these facts are valuable for a firecracker collecting enthusiast.

  • Class 1 refers to the crackers made before 1950. These were when manufacturers didn’t find it crucial to print safety measures on fireworks. You can recognize them by the printings of ‘Made in China,’ ‘Made in Hong Kong, ‘ or ‘Made in Canton.’
  • Next comes the class 2 firecrackers. They are from the timeline of 1950-1954. These still don’t have any safety instructions on them. However, the manufacturing labels changed to Made in Macau. The class 3 firecrackers belong to the era of 1955 to 1968 and have characteristic labeling of ‘ICC’ on them. However, the cautions remain amiss.
  • The crackers succeeding class 3 ones developed a thing for caution printing. Resultantly, class 4 firecrackers were the first ones with some cautions. Moreover, they also have a signature ‘ICC Class C’ labeling on them.
  • Class 5 and class 6 firecrackers are almost the same. However, class 6 has descriptive cautions like ‘contains less than 50mg’ etc.
  • Lastly, there are class 7 or modern-day firecrackers. These have descriptive warnings on their packets and are easier to use.

Things to Be Caution Of When Using Chinese Firecrackers

Using Chinese firecrackers is no ordeal. However, one should not overlook the safety measures.


Firecrackers fall into the category of explosive goods; therefore, it is essential to know the ingredients used in these firecrackers.

Chinese firecrackers contain Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrate, and Sulphur. These compounds can cause skin burns and irritations if one is not careful. Inhaling the smoked material from the cracker may also cause breathing issues. Hence, it would help if you stayed at a safe distance when lighting Chinese firecrackers.

Sound Intensity

The crackers explode, causing loud sounds. If you are nearby, it may damage your hearing. According to the health authorities, firecrackers with sound intensities of more than 145 decibels are extremely harmful. Therefore, you should double-check the label to buy a safe firecracker.

Modern-Day Chinese Firecrackers

There are pros and cons to each product. Although some companies use harmful and banned chemicals to make Chinese firecrackers, that doesn’t mean all the companies are alike. Modern-day manufacturers take considerable care to make safety the priority.

Today Chinese firecrackers are available in different shapes and colors. And appear in the consumer market after tons of trials and tests. You will find Chinese paper firecrackers and colorful flaming-powered crackers. These crackers have evolved significantly, and now you can quickly light them in your living room, and there won’t be any worry of burning.

The Bottom Line

Chinese firecrackers have been around for a long time. However, initially, they weren’t as safe and reliable as they are now. Chinese firecrackers earn a good reputation for their use in Chinese New Year celebrations. Collecting crackers is a hobby many enthusiasts still pursue.

Other than collections, present-day Chinese firecrackers are both safe and fun. Therefore, they are common in all kinds of celebrations around the world. These are significantly convenient and make an ordinary event memorable with their lovely colors. However, one should stay mindful of their adverse effects also.


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